Knowledge Graph of K12 Education




Ontology Knowledge Base of K12 Education

The ontology Knowledge Base harvests 22 million triples、1.62 million instances、1,000 concepts and 4,000 attributes. The sources of the knowledge base include the annotation library and the external source library. The annotation library derives from the textbook, and the external source library is extracted from encyclopedia and Internet data.


Knowledge retrieval based on RDF/SPARQL

The knowledge graph has the ability to store billion-level graph data.It supports graph search, reasoning and query. The user can queried the graph through the SPARQL query language.
        SPARQL is a query language for RDF that supports simple queries and complex reasoning.


Factoid Question Answering System

The Question Answering System focuses on the factoid Question of K12 Education and strives to answer the natural language questions accurately.The system provides services on the Internet.
        It can help primary and secondary school students to review the main knowledge points of the nine disciplines.

Knowledge Graph

Ontology construction

Semantic annotation

Knowledge complementing

Information extraction

Knowledge fusion

About Knowledge Graph Of K12 Education

The knowledge graph is a large-scale knowledge graph in the field of K12 education. It provides a multi-dimensional knowledge description in the field of K12 education, and also contains entity linking with other K12 text resources. In addition, this knowledge graph is based on the authoritative teaching materials and Internet text resources in the field of basic education. It is constructed through the knowledge graph construction technology and contains a lot of content. The entity searching can be performed through the search function of the knowledge graph. The search result not only shows the relationship between the entity and other entities, but also shows all the attributes and knowledge sources of the entity.

Question Answering System


问题:  莎士比亚的四大悲剧是哪四部?
                 (What are the four tragedies Shakespeare wrote?)

                 (Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth)

About Question Answering System

The Question Answering System focuses on the factoid Question of K12 Education and provides accurate answers for students. The system based on the Knowledge Graph and the textbook。

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